Ian's project post


After postponing my personal website for many years, I had a long week off with not much to do. Thus worked on this very website. Of course I had some base requirements for my site.

Gotta go FAST!

Sites these times have no execute to be slow. There are many free and easy solutions to make fast websites, even with full eCommerce capabilities!

The speed accomplished by the React based next.js, which is pre-rendering the content and serves it efficiently and quick to the end user.

Mobile first!

Nowadays everyone uses their phones for anything. And if you site doesn't make it easy for mobile users, you might as well not have a website.


Because I have lots of hobbies, I don't want to spend ALL my time writing a new function for my site. So I wanted it to be easy to add and update pages and features.


As stated before I used React and Next.JS, which allows me to pre-render the pages. I used markdown for all the content of the site. I host it for free on the reliable hosting of Vercel.